Electronics Specialist Adopts eco-friendly printing Technology from Epson

Discover how Elon adopts Epson's eco-friendly technology to boost quality, reduce costs, and enhance environmental sustainability across its 67 stores.

Elon Norway has transitioned from laser printers to Epson's ink technology for printing store materials such as posters, shelf labels, and campaign banners. This switch has led to reduced costs, environmental benefits, and print quality enhancements, all contributing to improved customer experiences.

In 2019, the Euronics stores in Norway were rebranded as Elon as part of a Nordic initiative, offering a product range spanning from large appliances to small household items. Presently, Elon operates 67 stores in Norway, with plans for expansion, especially in major urban areas over the next few years.

"Our DNA revolves around being a specialty retail chain with strategically located stores and staff dedicated to providing customers with exceptional shopping experiences and top-notch service," explains Knut Grimstad, Sales Director at Elon's headquarters in Fredrikstad.

A Sense of Home

Under the slogan "Welcome Home," the stores are designed with different sections to evoke a feeling of home for customers. This includes areas like kitchens, living rooms, and laundry rooms, aimed at inspiring customers and making them feel at home.

Producing informative store materials of high quality is a crucial part of the shopping experience. This enables customers to easily navigate store shelves and find product and price information or the specific offers they're seeking.

From Laser to Ink

With nearly 70 stores offering a wide range of products, there's a high volume of printing required for posters, price tags, shelf labels, and campaign banners. Until recently, Elon Norway utilized laser printers, but encountered challenges related to environmental impact and print quality.

"The chain has a strong environmental focus, but color laser printers generate a significant amount of toner cartridge waste. We also faced issues with streaks on prints, leading to the discarding of many sheets. Additionally, the power consumption of laser printers was high due to the heat they generate," Grimstad explains.

Elon Norway has now opted for Epson's green printing ink technology, which features refillable ink tanks instead of traditional ink cartridges. This switch offers both environmental and cost benefits compared to laser printers. After discussing usage requirements, the SureColor SC-T3100x model was selected in consultation with Epson. Mediaset is responsible for operations, distribution, and support.

Smoother Operations for Employees

The printer has been deployed in around 60 stores so far and will be gradually rolled out to the rest as existing laser printers are phased out.

"Epson's ink technology delivers color and image reproduction on store materials that align with the high quality of our store furnishings," says Grimstad.

"It also takes very little time from planning to printing," he adds, referring to the numerous media capabilities of the Epson printer.

Flexible Media Usage

The SureColor SC-T3100x can print on a wide range of media, from A4 to A1, using automatic paper feeding and rolls up to 24 inches. The transition between rolls and single sheets is seamless due to automatic switching. Mediaset supplies chain-specific paper, both in rolls and pre-perforated for use on shelf labels. Everything is set up for automatic printing from a portal with the chain's posters. This flexibility allows for quick adjustments to store windows, campaigns, and shelf labels without the need for investing in separate printers. The rollout has brought significant environmental benefits by reducing waste and CO2 emissions, alongside print cost savings, according to Grimstad.

Environmentally Friendly Technology

Elon Norway found Epson to be highly receptive when they began their collaboration.

They naturally prioritize environmental technology, and the same challenges are present throughout the EMEA region. We feel confident that we have one of the best options on the market, a printer using Epson ink that consumes less power. This contributes to environmentally friendly solutions by reducing the production cost for each print while increasing print quality," Grimstad concludes.

With a diverse product range and multiple stores, Elon Norway is well on its way to creating a sense of home for customers with Epson's ink technology as a reliable foundation.

Are you ready to elevate your business with Epson's environmentally friendly ink technology? Contact us today to learn more about how our solutions can provide you with better print quality, lower costs, and contribute to greener operations. Your success is our priority.


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