Environmentally Friendly Ink Technology

Check this out the energy-saving, productivity efficient, and reduced-power consumption printer. Could this be the cost-saving for your business printing?

For large retail chains or businesses, it can be a challenge to think green in all aspects. Not all business meetings can be conducted over Zoom, paper and ink are still a necessity, and it's not easy to have control over waste management procedures in every individual office or ensure that all employees adhere to the guidelines for this.

But sometimes, environmentally friendly solutions arise that can both solve a problem for businesses and make it easy to choose green. When such solutions can save money, time, and waste, it simply becomes foolish not to adopt them. One of these revolutionary solutions applies to business printing. With printers that use environmentally friendly ink technology, reduce energy consumption, and are far more efficient than traditional laser printers, there is no reason not to take advantage of this technology. Learn more about how you can save money, time, and reduce waste with an environmentally friendly printer from Epson Norway and digital production in the office.

Environmentally friendly printer with up to 96 percent less energy consumption

Laser printers require a lot of energy to start up, and in addition, the printouts are much slower compared to inkjet printers.

Typical laser printers can take up to 15 seconds to print a single A4 sheet in color, including the warm-up time, while an inkjet printer using environmentally friendly technology from Epson takes no more than 5.3 seconds for the same job.

Laser printers also require more heat to produce good printouts and are far less energy-efficient than environmentally friendly printers, which require 96 percent less power to deliver prints of the same high quality.

It is estimated that if all Western European businesses switched to environmentally friendly ink technology, it would be enough to provide electricity to 507,000 households per year.

Less waste with eco-friendly ink technology

Stores and large chains require printouts for various purposes. Receipts, advertising banners, brochures, and more can be produced internally today with digital production.

However, cartridges for laser printers generate a lot of waste and are made of plastic materials that are definitely not sustainable for the future.

Environmentally friendly printers from Epson have...

  • Cartridge recycling - Environmentally friendly ink cartridges can be reused and refilled with new ink in biodegradable packaging that can be easily recycled.
  • Less paper waste - Inkjet printers with environmentally friendly ink also have higher printing precision, avoiding a lot of waste due to poor prints that need to be discarded.
  • Reduced power consumption - In addition to saving the company on energy costs, reduced electricity consumption will also be beneficial for the environment.

Customers using environmentally friendly ink from Epson experience a 94 percent reduction in waste associated with printing, which is revolutionary within the ink industry.

Multifunction printers from Epson Norway

Printers from Epson that utilize environmentally friendly ink are not just in their early stages. These are advanced printers that can handle all your printing needs.

Modern and environmentally friendly printers from Epson can handle everything from receipts, posters, price tags, banners, and shelf edges to provide a complete solution for all the printed materials a business requires.

If you produce a lot of printed materials and advertising collateral throughout the year, Mediaset can acquire printers that cover all the needs you may have.

Save the environment from excess printing

Don't create more than you need. Instead, establish solutions for digital production where each store can have print templates ready online and print on demand.

Mediaset can provide both printers from Epson with environmentally friendly ink technology and software that can do the entire job for you.

In collaboration with Papirfly, we can provide a complete solution for both in-house digital production of printed materials, creating custom templates for campaigns, and allowing each office or store to print as needed.

A comprehensive solution that is both more sustainable for the environment and reduces paper flow and clutter in the warehouse.

Handle all print materials internally

Mediaset can assist you in implementing simple solutions to create professional templates for print materials and print everything in-house. This will save you a lot of time and money compared to graphic design and transporting printed materials to multiple stores scattered across the country.

Relying on expensive agencies for production incurs significant costs for retail chains. Let the agencies use that time to generate great ideas for your new concepts and campaigns. Take control of production yourself with proper guidance and support every step of the way.


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