GANT Store's Journey with Traze's RFID-powered Stock Take

A clothing and sportswear retailer's transition to Traze's RFID-powered stock-taking solution that streamlined their inventory management process.

Generally, an efficient inventory management system is essential for successful retail operations. Maintaining accurate stock levels not only ensures that customers can find the products they desire but also helps businesses minimize overstocking or stockouts, leading to improved profitability.

GANT is a widely known clothing and sportswear retailer that recognizes the significance of accurate stock-taking and adopted Traze's inventory management solution to automate its stock-taking process.

The new approach not only made the process more efficient but also made it enjoyable for the employees – increasing their productivity and accuracy.

Challenges faced

Before transitioning to Traze, the GANT store faced several challenges during its stock-taking process. The traditional method of manual stock counting was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors and inconsistencies.

Additionally, reconciling stock discrepancies between a record and an actual inventory item was a labor-intensive task that often led to confusion and delays.

In a bid to optimize the way they perform stock take,

GANT store has finally adopted Traze's innovative stock-taking solution. The software platform's user-friendly interface and advanced features made it an ideal fit for GANT's requirements.

This ensures seamless integration into the existing system and the store's data.

Moreover, with Traze's future-proof design, Heidi confirmed that their store employees adopted it quickly and preferred the procedures when transitioning to the platform.

"Stocktake with TRAZE is fun and easy," Heidi says.

Efficient stock-taking and ease of use

The implementation of Traze's solution transformed the stock-taking process at GANT. "One person can perform the whole process both in the store and in the basement within an hour.", Heidi highlighted.

This extreme reduction in time allowed the store to allocate resources more efficiently, redirecting employees' efforts toward other value-added tasks.

Real-time inconsistency detection

The real-time capabilities empowered the store to make informed decisions with detailed insights into product movement, sales, demand patterns, and stock trends.

One of the most remarkable features of Traze is its ability to identify discrepancies between recorded stock information and actual inventory immediately.

Heidi added, "And it is amazing that any inconsistencies are immediately displayed on the screen," minimizing the risk of stock take discrepancies going unnoticed and ultimately enhancing inventory accuracy.

Quantifying success

The stock-taking that used to take several hours was completed within an hour, a reduction of over 70% in time spent. This allowed employees to dedicate more time to other critical areas of the store's operations.

Additionally, the improved data accuracy helped GANT reduce discrepancies in its inventory, leading to more efficient operations and lower operational costs.

While exact figures are confidential, the store reported a notable improvement in its bottom line.

Take the Next Step with TRAZE

Learn how TRAZE's advanced inventory solutions can transform your stock-taking, just as it did for GANT. Contact us today to schedule a demo and see how TRAZE can benefit your business.


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