Sport 1 - The print solution that generated high purchase loyalty!

Learn the secret on how the Norway's second-largest sports retail chain get higher purchases and sales while reducing costs!

With nearly 190 stores, Sport 1 is Norway's second-largest sports retail chain. Small and local stores with different owners require a strong profile for a cohesive expression.


Five years ago, Sport 1 approached Mediaset with a desire to have more control over the chain's visual profile from the headquarters. Small, local stores with different owners provide a solid foundation in local activities and are one of Sport 1's strengths, but also a challenge when it comes to maintaining a consistent and recognizable visual profile. The goal was to create a more cohesive chain with a stronger visual profile, increased customer loyalty, and the possibility of local production in the stores.


Therefore, Sport 1 chose Mediaset and OKI's unique solution for in-store banner printing. With an overarching design system and a laser printer in each store, the stores themselves become independent producers of marketing materials without compromising the visual expression of the chain. The independent nature of the stores required that the solution be sold locally at each individual store. In the winter of 2013, the sales of the solution began, which involved standardized poster sizes ranging from price tags to banners measuring 120 cm in length. All produced locally in the stores.

The result? Reduced costs, waste, and time-to-market.

Before this concept was implemented, a frightening number of posters from the print shop ended up never being hung. Now that the stores themselves can decide which posters to print, they receive the right posters at the right time. This has allowed Sport 1 to cut shipping costs, save the environment, and significantly reduce time-to-market.

"We have created a unique opportunity for our members to promote the local, knowledgeable, and vibrant sports store. With the help of Mediaset and OKI's solutions, we have achieved just that. At the same time, we have maintained the uniformity of Sport 1, thus fostering high customer loyalty."


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