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How to make better customer experiences in your store with help of automation and the power of internet?

Today's customers have more choices than ever before. In order to stay relevant, provide a shopping experience, and attract these customers, the chain/store must incorporate new technology. Techniques that simplify the everyday tasks for store employees while simultaneously offering customers an unparalleled shopping experience.

Mediaset has been working on retail communication that promotes customer purchasing decisions for many years. Automation and simplification have been part of the work, and now that new technology/artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged, the concept of Store Automation has been developed.

Store Automation from Mediaset is built on new technology combined with AI to create the marketing tools of the future. The concept focuses on the entire customer journey, encompassing customer behavior both online and offline. Gaining customer insights and developing automation are important components. The chain/store aims to provide a better customer experience in order to survive in the tough competition.

The fact that new technology is changing our behavior is evident in several studies and research results. As previously described in the blog post "Store Automation – A Necessity?", 94% of Swedes used the internet in 2017, with over 85% doing so on their mobile phones. Other studies show that 4 out of 5 customers conduct product searches online before making a purchase decision. Customers who use their mobile phones in the store spend 30% more than those who don't use mobile phones.

The Store Automation concept

The Store Automation concept provides the chain/store with a unique toolbox and has everything needed for modern marketers both online and offline.

The concept consists of three parts, and within these, a range of services/products are offered, as shown below.

Datahub & AI Warehouse

The first part and foundation of Store Automation is a datahub with the built-in AI layer. The datahub collects relevant data, transaction data on completed purchases, customer data, etc. The AI layer analyzes real-time data with automatic conclusions and actions. For example, you can find out if the customer purchases promotional items at reduced prices, buys regular-priced items, or consistently purchases a specific type of product every time they visit the store or online shop. Read more in the blog post "AI – Marketers of the Future!"


The second part consists of a range of services that form a BackEnd layer. For example, the BackEnd layer includes the necessary infrastructure for the concept to work, as well as the eCheckOut service. The eCheckOut service means that you no longer have to go to the traditional cash register in the store, but can check out items directly on your mobile phone. This means that the customer pays the same amount whether they shop in-store or online.


The final and third part consists of ready-made products for end-users (store personnel and customers).


  • A simple campaign tool that provides full insight into all channels, with the ability to send individual messages and trackability.
  • A “Dashboard” that generates reports and analyzes based on specific events.
  • A mobile app that the chain can offer to customers and employees.
  • A poster platform with smart and easy management of paper signs, digital screens, and digital shelf labels.
  • Hardware that can automatically detect the customer in various situations in the store.

You don't have to buy the entire concept at once, but rather choose the elements you need first in your business. You can later add other parts, services, and products.

As a chain, you may already have a good campaign tool and signage program today but lack automatic real-time data management based on AI. AI will reduce the workload of the marketing department and give you the opportunity to create personalized offers for customers.

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